Hex + Dish

Aiding to the simple pleasure of being surrounded by soft and uplifting fragrances. Our incense holder is designed to smoothly transition round your home, from places of worship to your corners of comfort.

Made in collaboration with Nature Therapy, our incense holder Hex+Dish is designed in line with the ethos of both our brands. It is made with a combination of a hexagonal ring for the stick and the elliptical dish for collecting the ashes, it can also be used for burning incense cones, or as a tiny trinket holder. A minimal approach that can easily go with the aesthetics of any corner of your home. 


You can pair our Hex+Dish Incense Holder with Nature Therapy’s consciously made incense sticks. They are hand-rolled by specially-abled people, produced using flower waste from temples and dipped in tuberose essential oil.


Did you know?

Every year 80 lakh metric tonnes of flower waste are disposed into water bodies, largely affecting the ecosystem

60% of this incense stick is made of this flower waste

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