Our Process

Made from the stuff of the earth, clay has an emotional connect to offer like no other material especially when it comes to objects that are a part of our daily routine. Clayventures focuses on enhancing that experience by spreading the joy of using handcrafted ceramics.

Our approach at Clayventures is focused towards combining design and craft to achieve beautiful objects for everyday use. Having a design background each of our projects cater towards better functionality, efficient design and subtle yet striking aesthetics.

All products are handmade and manually fired. We make our own glazes and having a gas kiln allows us to play around with the natural variations that ceramic and its processes has to offer. 

The conversion from clay to ceramic is demanding and sensitive, each step needs to go right in order to make a functional product correctly. But we love the process and uncertainty that comes along.

We work towards preserving the craft and adapting our approach with the changing time. Our fabrication methods range from handbuilding, throwing on the wheel to slip casting. We mainly work with stoneware clay. The pieces go through two firings in the kiln before completion.