A product designer by education, I’ve found my calling in clay. Intrigued by the world of craft, alongside my passion for design, lead to the creation of Clayventures. The material is so free and approaches are innumerable, yet the process demands so much attention and technicalities, it’s a new puzzle every time and that is what I love about it.

As a kid, I loved doing hands on work, exploring different materials and creating things. Watching a traditional potter spin and just create objects fascinated me then and even now.

After completing my bachelors in product design I went to Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry, founded by Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith. Golden Bridge Pottery has grown to have a tremendous impact on Indian contemporary ceramics, my time there was filled with intensive training and needful understanding of the material and its processes. After returning back, I set up our studio ‘Clayventures’ in my hometown, Ahmedabad in the beginning of 2019. Since then we've exhibited in Pune, Mumbai & Ahmedabad.

Our approach at Clayventures is focused towards combining design and craft to achieve beautiful objects for everyday use.